Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kepler 22b- The Goldilocks Planet

Great news. If things do not work out here, we can hop on the space ark and go to Kepler 22b. Yes, NASA has discovered a new planet where life can exist. Apparently, it meet the Goldilocks principle. It's location to its sun in its own solar system is not too hot and not to cold, but just right.

We have to thank the kepler planet-hunting telescope that spotted it launched by NASA in May 2009. The planet is 2.4 times the size of Earth and orbits a star similar to Earth's sun. Also the surface temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. So pack your bags. Well, unfortunately, it is 3,600 trillion miles away, 600 light years. Therefore, we most likely not visit it in my generation or my children's generation. However, the kepler telescope is looking for other plants the matches Earth's climate. So far the telescope has detected 2,326 planets. They are still going through the data to see if any of these planets have a similar climate to Earth, but a little closer in distance. Keep your fingers crossed. At the very least, check for updates on ticket prices for that space ark on Travelocity.

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