Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mea Culpa

I do not want to be a hypocrite. I am going to confess to you my non-environmental actions that I have done. Therefore, you can judge me completely when you review my postings on this blog:

1. I do purchase Starbucks coffee on a regular basis;
2. I use disposable diapers for my son;
3. I drive to work and do not take public transportation;
4. I have a plasma TV that uses up a lot of electricity;
5. I have used regular toxic cleaners to clean my house;
6. I have gotten in my car to drive to the store, which is down the road, as opposed to walking to it;
7. I had used non-environmental friendly weedkiller and fertilizer on my lawn;
8. I do not always buy produce locally, especially during the winter, because I live in Northeastern part of the US;
9. I have taken long showers;
10. Many times I have used paper towels to dry my hands instead of a hand towel; and
11. I have stood by for a very long time without taking any action to fight climate change.

Forgive me. I hope the following actions are the right steps toward green salvation:

1. I have started to use non-toxic organic cleaners to clean my house;
2. I recycle everything I can, which my township recycles not only paper, aluminum, and glass ,but also plastics #1 to #7;
3. I have a compost bin where I dump my kitchen scraps and I fertilize my lawn with organic fertilizer and mostly organic weedkiller;
4. I joined the farm to city program where I buy local produce even in the winter;
5. I have reduced consuming meat and have at least one vegetarian meal a week;
6. I have become more aware of the packaging of the products I buy;
7. I bring my own bag when shopping and when I do not have a bag, I try not to use one of the store's plastic bags to carry my purchases;
8. I try to walk more to the shops and try to purchase locally;
9. I replaced all light fixtures with compact fluorescent light bulbs and I unplug my plasma TV every night to drive a stake through those energy vampires; and
10. At least once a month, I write a letter to the editors of my local papers voicing my concerns about global warming and the need to pass legislation to stop it.

I know this is not enough, but at least it is a start. I will continue to modify my ways to be less of a hypocrite and more of an environmentalist. Also, I will continue to work on that caffeine addiction.

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  1. Well, it sounds as if you are off to a good start. I'm trying to think what I do:
    I ride my bike to many places - but this amounts to only about 10 miles a day - more or less. I figure even if I ride my bike only 1,500 miles a year, that's about 85 gallons of gasoline. So it's a start.
    I now carry fabric grocery bags in my car and have even recycled those mesh fruit and vegetable bags - I use them to package loose fruits and vegetables in grocery stores. Most times I just pile up the loose stuff on the checkout counter without any bags.
    I can't seem to give up bottled water - those plastic bottles I have bought for reuse taste terrible after a while.
    If I go to a store and pick up one or two items, I ask the clerk not to package them. For larger purchases at the drug store, I can use my trusty cloth grocery bags.
    I use too much copy paper. I should try recycling it and printing stuff on both sides. Much of the stuff I print is just to remind me to do things. I need to use my to do list on my computer more often.
    I try to turn off lights when I am not using a room. Old habits die hard. My husband, on the other hand, has been known to turn off the bathroom light when I am using the facility.
    I need to turn off my computer when not in use, but it takes forever to reboot.